Travels - last night in Rarotonga

I had taken a few last shots as the sun set and I thought that was pretty much it for the evening, just one more of some of Rarotonga’s stray dogs fishing in the lagoon.

Or maybe two. These two were best buddies, and the dark one was really friendly. If you patted her she would even ‘guard’ your stuff when you went in the ocean for a dip!

Night fell and I was busy packing the complex chinese puzzle that my luggage had become. My partner, who tolerates rather than enjoys my photography habits, came in and said to me “You’ve got to see this…”

In the UK, you can hardly ever seen the Milky Way. Sometimes you can just about tell it’s probably there, unless you are in a true Dark Sky site like the far West of Scotland.

Rarotonga is an island, but it isn’t really a Dark Sky spot, however it does have very little pollution and that makes a huge difference to how much you can see.

I think the bright star you can see in some of these shots is Venus, it was so bright you might have mistaken it for the moon. As with all the other photos, double-clicking on them will bring them up full size.